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Throwing it down on his "spot" at UCB

Stoney on his "spot"
Stay very tuned for the self published autobigraphy of Stoney Burke: Weapon:Mouth

(photo-Neil Marcus)

Stoney Burke was born on January 17th, 1953. in Highland Park, mich. Born into an unstable situation and ending up in an orphanage. At the age of 3 he was adopted and grew up in a small town north of Detroit. After taking his name "Stoney" from a short lived western with Jack Lord on TV. the name stuck. Stoney's parents were active through their church the civil rights movement back in the mid 60's
The mail box with the bullet hole still there, reminds us of the the constant struggle with bigotry and hatred


(photo-Neil Marcus)

When the USMC came running through UCB in spring of 2005
it was Stoney hot on their trail. Their search for WMD's led them to the mother of all finds. The Livermore Nuclear
Weapons Lab just down the road from the UC Berkeley Campus

After stategically flunking out of catholic school in fourth grade, Stoney went on to be the guy who would come off the bench to provide comic relief after his Romeo bulldogs(1972), ran up another basketball score. Those were the days. After many years hitchiking around the USA and Canada, my travels take me to the west coast.

Stoney moves to Eugene, OR in 1975, where he enrolls in the Univ Of Oregon as a dance and theater major. Here he learns white face mime and develeops some amusing skits.
The search for a mime/movement teacher, brings Stoney
to the SF Bay area to study with Leonard Pitt in 1977.
By 1979 stoney is reading the newspaper on campus free speech areas, and commenting on current events... then come the arrests, the hassles, the zest of the moment, the
life of Stoney...!!


I've been hassled or arrested so many times practicing my free speech, I would bore you with the truth of it all.
There was the time when I walked into the Democratic convention in SF..1984, dressed as Uncle Sam, with a security pass i "found."
After I gave a spirited speech on the floor of the Moscone
about greed and destruction, i was hauled off to a mental hospital by the secret service. stories..I am rich in stories..


Where does all the time go? Here's an old poster from the 80's when Whoopi Goldberg was opening for the Stoneman!!


Ever since 1978 I've tried make some sort of spontaneous
event happen with my style of street performing. Here is a poster from the Other Cafe dated in 1980 by artist Helen Holt.